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"move forward, beyond yourself" - the new year's conference of 2018 ends successfully

publisher:maxhealth  date:2018-1-30

  on january 28, 2018, jiangsu mei'an pharmaceutical co., ltd. successfully hosted a new year dinner with the theme of "moving forward, beyond self". mei'an pharmaceutical staff and partners gathered together to share a dinner with buckingham baron in wuxi, opening a new chapter in 2018! following is the summary of ppt's annual work and the outlook for the new year, as well as the wonderful moment of the dinner.

be grateful - never forget the beginning and move forward

annual report of heads of departments in 2017

recognition of excellent employees

the red-hot new year's opening encouragement

handsome male hosts and beautiful female hosts

tenor chorus

a table in a lucky shed is envied by xiaobian

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