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dba mu fengdong: how to play ai technology in medical enterprises

publisher:maxhealth  date:2018-1-19

1. how to view the industry innovation under the boom of artificial intelligence?
answer: i think ai depends on the stage of our country's development. at the same time, china's industrial base also needs such an upgrade process. so for our domestic industry, ai to this point is quite suitable. ai has a long way to go, but as data accumulation becomes more convenient and hardware or related costs become lower and lower, ai and daily life will be more and more closely integrated, including in the production process.
2. what changes and subversions will artificial intelligence bring to the medical industry?
answer: i don't think it can be said to be subversive, because the ecological chain of the whole pharmaceutical industry is also in the process of continuous evolution. medical science has undergone many revolutions from the past to the present, but it has its own system, so i think artificial intelligence can be a good supplement in this respect, and can help the whole medical system go faster and better.

3. how to break through the ceiling in the development of medical enterprises?
answer: i don't think the real ceiling actually exists. continuous innovation can bring up more and more enterprises. one is technological innovation, the other is organizational innovation, and the third is business model innovation.
4. what are the driving forces of finance for the development of enterprises?
answer: if a company wants to develop into a multinational company or a leading company in the industry, it must be realized through mergers and acquisitions. mergers and acquisitions are inseparable from finance, whether it is money, stock index, risk control, or integration, so a series of related are closely related to finance, so entrepreneurs without financial ability, i think they are not doing much.

5. from neurologist to business transformation, what experience do you have?
answer: in the past, when we were doctors, we treated and saved people, especially in neurology department. we met many high-risk patients. as an enterprise, we should help more patients and doctors through the products of the enterprise and our ability of operation and organization, so that everyone can have a better life.
6. what are the explorations of ai in mei'an, jiangsu province?
answer: we are very concerned about artificial intelligence because we have our own specialty, the first is nerve, the second is digestion, the third is some tumors related and other big health, also hope to have good partners to do this work. does gao jin's study help business operation?
answer: when gao jin was studying, his thinking was very active, that is, you could think of all kinds of things, and the school would "force" us to think new things. so, in fact, the strategic transformation of our whole company took place at this stage of gao jin's study. i think the inspiration gained during the whole learning process is actually the most important, not some specific knowledge.

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