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qin yongzuo, district governor of liangxi district, wuxi city, zhao cedar, vice-district governor and heads of various departments met with rex project team

publisher:maxhealth  date:2018-8-1

         on july 20, 2018, rex's management team came to the company and signed the cooperation framework agreement. rex and mei'an pharmaceutical intend to set up a joint venture in mainland china, and have agreed to inject rex's global patents, production technology and related commercial resources into the joint venture. the joint venture will continue to promote the r&d, production, promotion and sales capabilities of exoskeleton robotics technology in china, as well as provide production and r&d support for the global market.

        on the same day, the director of liangxi district of wuxi city, qin yongzuo, the deputy director of liangxi district, zhao cedar, and the heads of finance office, health planning, science and technology, credit, commerce and other departments met with rex project team.

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