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mei'an pharmaceutical and xincheng biology achieve overall strategic cooperation in the transformation of industry, education and research

publisher:maxhealth  date:2018-12-11

       recently, jiangsu mei'an pharmaceutical co., ltd. (mei'an pharmaceutical co., ltd.) and guangzhou xincheng biotechnology co., ltd. (xincheng biotechnology co., ltd.) have reached the overall strategic cooperation of production, teaching and research transformation. on december 1, 2018, the two sides held a multi-disciplinary cross-forum between cuhk and xincheng on biomaterials and clinical applications.“ the signing ceremony of transformation cooperation between industry, university and research institute.
       guangzhou xincheng biotechnology co., ltd. is an innovative private research and development organization focusing on advanced medical and health technology, exporting high-tech research and development achievements and projects to the medical device industry.
       on the specific content of the "overall strategic cooperation" and the next plan, miao fengdong, ceo of mei'an pharmaceutical, said that the two sides would deeply integrate product development and commercialization, sort out and select their current products (including research products) from a professional perspective, and eventually choose one or more products to share. with advancement.

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