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report on the qutais salon conference

publisher:maxhealth  date:2018-12-26

       tratez is the only skin patch in the world. it can diagnose delayed allergic reaction conveniently. it has been used in europe and america for a long time and has passed the strict drug registration process of cfda in china.
       on the afternoon of december 19, 2018, tratez salon, sponsored by mei'an pharmaceutical company, was held at the company's headquarters.
       professor zou ying, deputy director of the department of skin and cosmetics, shanghai dermatology hospital, and dr. dathan hamann, a registered dermatologist in phoenix, arizona, were the speakers of this salon. in addition, dermatologists and pediatricians from wuxi district hospital also participated in the salon meeting. experts gathered together to discuss the topic in a strong atmosphere. at the same time, in order to enhance the practicability of the conference and provide full communication opportunities for online and offline participants, the salon conference has also passed the live broadcasting of the whole process of the new media, with remarkable repercussions.
       prior to this, beijing and shanghai have also launched a series of "qutaisi" salon meetings. experts from all over the world have grasped the clinical and academic frontiers in communication and exchanges, and actively promoted the development of medical care.
       contact dermatitis is an inflammatory reaction that occurs in the skin or mucosa after single or multiple exposure to exogenous substances. it is characterized by erythema, swelling, papules, blisters and even bullae. the first treatment is to find out the cause of allergy and avoid re-exposure to the substance. skin patch test is needed at this time.

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