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publisher:maxhealth  date:2019-11-8

this is a decade of harvest,
maxhealth pharmaceutical is constantly advancing on the road of exploration and innovation,
along the way
persistent and firm.

today, we have made great achievements again. we work with global medical innovation institutions and experts to push transnational cooperative r & d to a new height. in order to introduce more new products and advanced medical technology into china and benefit more patients, we will continue to make unremitting efforts!

(maxhealth pharmaceutical 10000 level purification laboratory factory)
peptest, a new product, will become a new method for detecting gastroesophageal reflux. now, with the joint efforts of meian pharmaceutical and experts in digestive field from 9 clinical centers in china, peptest has officially entered china. < br > compared with the traditional gastroscopy, peptest has many advantages, such as fast and convenient, no invasion into the patient's body, and more economical price. only 15 minutes can get the test results, and all of these can ensure the accurate test results peptest gastroesophageal reflux detection reagent can detect gastroesophageal reflux and its related diseases by detecting pepsin in saliva, which can be said to be a major innovation in the field of digestion and gastroesophageal reflux, because of the good "camouflage" appearance, is more difficult to find, even if go to the hospital, also because a series of respiratory system symptoms, such as cough, asthma, and so on, and is treated as respiratory system diseases, so can not "cause" treatment. as a result, the patients were tossed around in various departments, a lot of tests were done, and many medicines were taken, but they did not get better all along, for ordinary patients, stomach disease is easy to be ignored, often misled by wrong ideas. i always feel that it's better to take some medicine when my stomach is upset. most of the time, i won't pay enough attention to it. in the cycle of attack, taking medicine, re attack and re taking medicine, the condition is constantly delayed < br > it is undoubtedly of great significance for life health and quality of life to treat diseases through early screening and intervention < br > peptest is such a product that can change the traditional diagnosis and treatment, so that patients can have a faster and more convenient way to experience, which is the power of science and technology, bringing more possibilities for health and life.

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