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maxhealth medical group china is listed in the top 100 innovative medical devices in china in 2019

publisher:maxhealth  date:2019-12-20

on december 20, 2019, the 2019 top 100 medical conference with the theme of "new increment of life" was held in jiuhua mountain villa, beijing.maxhealth medical group china was listed as the top 100 innovative medical devices in china in the future. 

looking back to 2019, this year, on the road of developing innovative medical care, we are very firm, and we are full of expectations for the future!

the future development direction of the medical industry comes from the ongoing scientific and technological innovation. as an innovative medical enterprise, all our efforts are to better serve the human health cause, find and find a new direction of health care industry reform.

 jiangsu becomes the third incubation base, leading the development of pharmaceutical industry.

                         top 3 enterprises in the medical top 100 list

                             data source: top 100 medical companies in 2019

on the whole, the best incubation bases for medical enterprises are still in beijing and shanghai, which have advantages in technology, talents, capital and other aspects, providing fertile soil for the growth of enterprises. but in the field of medical devices and medicine, jiangsu has become the third incubation base besides beijing and shanghai.

jiangsu province has a large-scale medical device industrial park (jiangsu medical device science and technology industrial park, changzhou international medical device city, wuxi life science and technology industrial park, etc.), which promotes the innovation of medical devices. in addition, the triangle medical industry cluster of jiangsu province, which gathers biotechnology industry parks such as nanjing biomedical valley and suzhou biomedical industry park, provides technology, talents and infrastructure support for the research and development of innovative drugs in jiangsu province.

as one of the top 100 enterprises in the conference, maxhealth medical group china was listed on the list of innovative medical devices. the company has introduced a variety of innovative products leading the industry, and is expected to rewrite the existing diagnosis course in a number of specialized fields. more accurate, faster and more advanced is our goal to reach.

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