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the acquisition of rex bionics by maxhealth medical group china opens a new chapter of exoskeleton rehabilitation robot

publisher:maxhealth  date:2020-1-16

on january 16, 2020, rex bionics, a medical and exoskeleton rehabilitation robot company, announced at the jp morgan medical and health conference that maxrex, an operating entity controlled by maxrex, will be established in cooperation with overseas investors purchase 100% equity of rex bionics and its global assets and intellectual property rights.

"after the acquisition, maxrex, as a domestic enterprise, will assume the global r & d, production and operation entities of rex," said meian pharmaceutical. at the same time, overseas r & d and service centers will continue to be maintained. this transaction will launch a new picture of rehabilitation medical technology in china and even in the world. "

rex bionics is an innovative company focusing on r & d, production and commercialization of exoskeleton robots. founded in 2008 and 2019, rex bionics has completed tens of millions of us dollars of financing, which has greatly promoted the development of related technologies of exoskeleton robot rehabilitation equipment rex exhibition. in 2016, meian pharmaceutical made strategic investment in rex bionics and cooperated on the chinese market.

the exoskeleton rehabilitation robot is designed based on the bionic principle, combined with ergonomics, it can be worn on the affected limb. each joint has its own driving device. after the patient wears it, the robot's motion mode and human freedom can be coaxial, which can achieve more effective rehabilitation training.

at present, rex bionics, rewalk robotics, cyberdyne, berkeley bionics and other companies are in the world's first echelon in the field of exoskeleton rehabilitation robots. rex exoskeleton rehabilitation robot, the core product of rex bionics, is the only exoskeleton rehabilitation robot in the market without crutches.

without crutch support, rex liberates the upper limbs and hands of patients. patients can use their hands for work or other activities. for example, patients can safely carry out relatively complex physical rehabilitation training in an upright state. in addition, the condition severe patients cannot use crutches or hand support, and rex is their only choice.

according to the introduction, rex, in cooperation with clinicians and rehabilitation practitioners, has designed a variety of rehabilitation actions, which can be used for rehabilitation training of upper limbs, trunk and lower limbs, including static and dynamic modes, and is suitable for early rehabilitation training of stroke and paraplegia. at the same time, rex is more than just a rehabilitation tool it is also an auxiliary walking equipment with displacement, driving and other functions.

at the announcement ceremony, meian medicine disclosed the development plan of new products. before that, rex has obtained fda and ce certification, and has carried out medical research and marketing in the united states, europe, australia and other countries. so far, rex has provided rehabilitation services to thousands of patients and received good reviews.

one of the pain points of exoskeleton rehabilitation robot is the high price. for this, cheng kaiming, director of investment and business development of meian pharmaceutical, said: "after the completion of the acquisition, meian pharmaceutical will further utilize the advantages of product research and development, production, operation and medical research in china and overseas potential, promote rex technology to continue to develop, and reduce costs. we will benefit more patients through technological innovation and product upgrading. "

after the acquisition, meian pharmaceutical plans to open multi center clinical research in china, and plans to open nmpa registration. at the same time, meian pharmaceutical will establish a global network of medical and engineering experts to develop the next generation of products, and it is expected to launch new products by the end of 2020.

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