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mobilization of drugs in urgent need to help huanggang

publisher:maxhealth  date:2020-2-5

the beginning of 2020 may not be a good one. the rampant of new coronavirus makes the spring festival a little worried this year. especially after many cities in hubei have been sealed and isolated, it affects the hearts of the people of the whole country. but it is in such a predicament that the aid forces from all over china and the world form a united anti epidemic army, but they are unremitting and firmly retrograde towards hubei.

at the request of huanggang epidemic prevention and control headquarters in hubei province, and under the command of wuxi municipal government, meian pharmaceutical co-ordinated resources to rescue huanggang with 30000 bottles of human immunoglobulin (intravenous immunoglobulin c) urgently needed by huanggang, and send anti epidemic drugs to the first line with the fastest speed.

in the front line of fighting the epidemic, in addition to the urgent shortage of medical staff, medical equipment and drugs, especially for the critically ill patients, intravenous c can help improve the patients' body immunity and pass through the dangerous period. after receiving the government's task, the relevant staff immediately returned to their posts and coordinated with various parties. with the active cooperation of shanghai laishi company, they finally mobilized the jing-c missing from huanggang in just two days, worth more than 17 million yuan, and purchased, verified, warehoused and shipped according to the regular process. master yang and master shi of the company's storage and transportation department immediately made preparations and set off overnight for huanggang. after a night's nonstop drive, the team arrived at the unified receiving point of medical materials of huanggang anti epidemic headquarters on the morning of february 3, and warehoused after careful verification by the staff of both sides. after entering the epidemic area, even if there is no infection, the retrograde teammates have to face up to 14 days of isolation, unable to meet with their families. they are all ordinary people. at the critical moment, they resolutely choose to go retrograde. they take no pains and are not afraid of risks to deliver drugs safely.

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