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maxhealth medical group china co., ltd. added mask production line to support epidemic prevention and control

publisher:maxhealth  date:2020-4-1

maxhealth medical group china co., ltd. is a scientific and technological medical device manufacturer in shanbei street, liangxi district, wuxi city. it is a leading academic promotion and channel sales enterprise of medical products in china, as well as a platform for technological transformation and commercialization of innovative medical products. in order to strongly support the epidemic prevention and control work, the company introduced the full-automatic mask production line in the first time after the resumption of work, and put it into production in the 100000 level clean workshop, with a daily output of about 50000. after the completion of mask production, according to the corresponding level in the clean area, the drug safety inspection and testing center will carry out the test and obtain the test report. the enterprise is applying for the qualification of domestic medical masks. at present, it has the ce (european union compulsory product certification) record, which can be used as disposable respirators for online and offline sales in china.

since the outbreak of the new crown, maxhealth medical group china has spared no effort to help domestic and foreign partners through difficulties. the company said that it will make masks as a sideline for a long time to meet the daily needs of the domestic and foreign markets.

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