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report of the symposium on

publisher:maxhealth  date:2020-11-13

with the change of dietary structure and living habits in china, the incidence rate of chinese gastroesophageal reflux disease is increasing year by year. due to the complexity and diversity of clinical manifestations of gastroesophageal reflux disease, good at "camouflage", especially for some patients with respiratory and otolaryngological symptoms such as chronic cough, asthma, and some limitations of the current diagnostic methods, many patients will not be able to get a clear diagnosis and effective treatment in time. in recent years, meian pharmaceutical company has imported salivary pepsin detection (peptetm) reagent from overseas. as a non-invasive, rapid and objective detection method, the detection method is a powerful supplement to the existing diagnostic methods for the identification of reflux diseases.

from november 6 to 8, 2020, the 13th china cough forum and the 13th national study class on chronic cough and difficult and rare diseases jointly sponsored by the state key laboratory of respiration, the first affiliated hospital of guangzhou medical university, guangdong pharmaceutical association, and china cough alliance were held in huacheng, usa. 
during the forum, the multicentric clinical research on reference value of salivary pepsin in chinese healthy population, led by the national respiratory disease clinical research center and the respiratory research institute of the first hospital of guangzhou medical university, participated by several domestic clinical centers and co organized by wuxi meian pharmaceutical co., ltd., jiangsu province, the launching ceremony of the project was also held.

the research project is led by zhong nanshan, academician of the state key laboratory of respiratory diseases, with professor lai kefang as the project leader. it is composed of the respiratory research institute of the first hospital of guangzhou medical university, the first hospital of shanghai jiaotong university, shanghai tongji hospital, the third hospital of peking university, the characteristic medical center of the pla rocket army, the west china hospital of sichuan university, the second affiliated hospital of zhejiang medicine, the southern hospital and the pla nine clinical research centers of eastern theater general hospital participated in the study.

professor qiu zhongmin of tongji hospital affiliated to shanghai tongji university presided over the launching ceremony. professor lai kefang, professor of internal medicine and doctoral supervisor of the first affiliated hospital of guangzhou medical university and director of clinical laboratory of respiratory diseases state key laboratory of guangzhou institute of respiratory health, as the leader of the project, gave a wonderful project initiation report to the participants.

professor lai first described the current situation of reflux disease, especially extraesophageal reflux disease in china, reviewed the current clinical diagnosis methods and limitations of laryngopharyngeal reflux, introduced the birth process of salivary pepsin detection and overseas research results to experts attending the meeting, and affirmed the clinical application value of peptesttm in reflux and reflux related diseases.

academician zhong nanshan, as the initiator of the research project, delivered a speech on the initiation of the project in the form of video: academician zhong appealed to the experts attending the meeting to pay attention to the correlation between reflux disease and some common diseases in the respiratory field, and also stressed the new detection method of salivary pepsin and the clinical significance and value of the scientific research project. he hoped that through this multi center study, the preliminary establishment of a the reference value of salivary pepsin in chinese healthy population can help clinicians to identify reflux related diseases. academician zhong also encouraged the research units to cooperate closely to ensure the successful completion of the multicenter clinical study as soon as possible.

subsequently, representatives of the project leaders of the participating research centers jointly attended the launching ceremony, which opened the prelude of this multi center clinical study.

at the end of the launching ceremony, the symposium on "new progress in diagnosis and treatment of gastroesophageal airway reflux disease" hosted by professor wang qiuping, director of the national respiratory medicine center visualization intelligent medical joint laboratory, and professor wu jimin, director of gastroesophageal surgery of rocket army characteristic medical center, also held smoothly.

based on the experience of academician wang zhonghao, professor wu vividly expounded the correlation between common respiratory and otolaryngological diseases (chronic cough, bronchial asthma, chronic pharyngitis, etc.) and gastroesophageal reflux disease, and introduced the common clinical diagnosis and treatment of reflux disease.

professor wu pointed out: at present, although the clinical diagnosis methods are various, there is no perfect single diagnosis method, which needs a variety of comprehensive analysis. at the same time, professor wu also introduced that the new noninvasive detection method of salivary pepsin (peptesttm) is a powerful supplement to the existing examination methods. it has important clinical significance and good application prospect in the diagnosis and differential diagnosis of reflux and reflux related diseases.

in the cough forum related to the respiratory field, such interdisciplinary communication topics also attracted the extensive attention of experts.

as a pharmaceutical enterprise with a sense of social responsibility, meian pharmaceutical has been committed to introducing and developing new technologies and products, so as to optimize the diagnosis and treatment process, and has also been supporting academic exchanges and discipline construction of related disciplines. during the cough forum meeting, many experts participating in the meeting showed a strong interest in the new method of salivary pepsin detection. they came to meian pharmaceutical booth to learn about the relevant technical information. experts have expressed the hope that the project can be carried out in clinical as soon as possible to help identify related diseases.

meian pharmaceutical will continue to improve people's health and living standards through the development of new products, do its part as a pharmaceutical enterprise, and contribute to the progress and development of human health

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