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warmly congratulate our company on passing gsp certification today

publisher:maxhealth  date:2009-9-26

from september 24, 2010 to the company's relevant personnel, the inspection of biological products, the operation of modern logistics related facilities and equipment, and the on-site operation and assessment of key personnel in enterprises.

the expert group first listened to the company's quality manager du shuxia's report on the company's gsp construction, then inspected the warehouse and office area, and finally consulted the relevant software and materials. expert group members agreed that: the company has a fixed business place and warehouse, reasonable layout, relatively independent; has the appropriate organization and personnel with the business mode and scale, reasonable post setting, clear division of labor, clear functions; establish and improve the pharmaceutical quality management system, formulate a reasonable management system, operation. documents for quality management such as procedures; classifying, dividing and storing medicines according to the storage requirements of drug varieties, categories, uses, humidity and temperature; establishing a true, accurate and complete sales record; having service conventions and quality commitments and a perfect after-sales service system for medicines, the expert group is unanimous. agree to the company through gsp acceptance.

thank you for the joint efforts of all employees and leaders of the company. thank you for your support and love all the time. we promise you that in the future, we will strictly comply with the requirements of gsp and provide you with better medicine and better service.

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