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general manager miao fengdong led the medical devices department to participate in chengdu instruments association

publisher:maxhealth  date:2009-10-26

mu fengdong, general manager of jiangsu mei'an pharmaceutical co., ltd., took part in china international medical devices expo in chengdu on october 26.

china international medical devices fair is the largest medical device and related products and services exhibition in asia-pacific region. it is the largest professional medical device purchase and trade platform in the medical device industry, the best corporate image publishing place, as well as the professional information distribution center and academic and technical exchange platform.

after participating in the exposition, all the staff of the medical devices department felt deeply. they said that while grasping the quality of their products, enterprises should be good at using various platforms to show themselves, be good at discovering business opportunities, seize business opportunities, constantly improve themselves and expand enterprises.

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