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chairman chen changfeng led the team to attend the jiangsu pharmacist congress

publisher:maxhealth  date:2010-10-16

from october 15 to 16, 2010, the annual gathering of jiangsu pharmacist university, the 2010 jiangsu pharmacist congress and the 10th jiangsu pharmacist week congress, was held in suzhou, a beautiful coast of taihu lake. with the theme of "promoting the scientific development of medicine and ensuring people's health", more than 400 pharmaceutical scientists and technicians from the whole province participated in the opening ceremony of the conference held on the morning of 15th. the conference was sponsored by the food and drug administration of jiangsu province and the provincial pharmaceutical association. yao xinzhong, vice director of jiangsu food and drug administration, chairman of provincial pharmaceutical association, professor wu xiaoming, president of china pharmaceutical university and vice chairman of chinese pharmaceutical association, zhao yongjin, chairman of discipline inspection unit of provincial association of science and technology, zhou zhengxing, chairman of discipline inspection unit of provincial department of health, vice chairman of provincial pharmaceutical association, li ji wait for the opening ceremony.

today, chen changfeng, chairman of jiangsu mei'an pharmaceutical co., ltd., led the medical representatives to attend the meeting. the meeting summarized five successful experiences and practices of the 10th pharmacist week congress, and introduced the organizational construction, academic exchanges, popular science publicity and periodical publication of the council of the provincial pharmaceutical association in the past two years. the main work is to put forward three opinions on the future work of the society: first, to meet the requirements of the new medical reform, to effectively fulfill the social responsibility of pharmaceutical workers; second, to continuously improve the level of medical science and technology in accordance with the requirements of scientific development; third, to give full play to the social function of service and ensure the safe and rational use of drugs by the masses.

professor wen aidong, xijing hospital, fourth military medical university, was invited to give the conference report entitled "rational drug use and medical safety"; executive chairman song ruilin, research and development promotion association of chinese pharmaceutical industry, made the conference report entitled "analysis of essential drug system"; and chief physician hua haiqing, 81st hospital of pla the report of the general assembly entitled "research progress of molecular targeted therapeutic drugs for malignant tumors" was presented, and professor li huande, second xiangya hospital of central south university, presented a report entitled "research on new mechanisms of detoxification based on drug transporters". at the academic exchange meeting, sun jun, jiangsu adverse drug reaction monitoring center, gave a report entitled "trial exposition of the enlightenment of american drug warning system to china"; shen guoqing, dermatology hospital, chinese academy of medical sciences, gave a report entitled "retrospective analysis and clinical monitoring of liver damage caused by polygonum multiflorum"; medical college of nanjing university. hu wei, affiliated gulou hospital, made a report entitled pharmacodynamics and in vitro mechanism of inhalation of hydroxycamptothecin for pulmonary metastasis of melanoma in mice, and yang qing, xuzhou central hospital, made a report entitled experience of clinical pharmacists in pharmaceutical care in icu. the brilliant thematic report won warm applause and strong resonance from the delegates, won unanimous praise from the delegates, and expressed great benefits one after another.

nearly 30 well-known domestic pharmaceutical enterprises participated in co-sponsoring and product exhibition. the conference organized 18 academic exchanges, including academic reports, conference announcements and other forms of academic exchanges, and 3 literary and artistic performances. large scale, large number of people, high level, wide influence, warm atmosphere, obvious results, highly praised by the participants. ten years ago, jiangsu pharmaceutical association successfully established the first jiangsu pharmacist weekly congress in suzhou. ten years of sharpening a sword, the holding of each pharmacist weekly congress is an important opportunity to enhance the cohesion and influence of the society. ten years of experience has created the brand and reputation of jiangsu pharmacist weekly, and has become the vast pharmacy of jiangsu province. workers look forward to the grand festival every year.

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