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yixing zhuhai happy two-day tour

publisher:maxhealth  date:2011-3-31

    yixing zhuhai scenic area is located in the southern mountainous area of yixing, which borders jiangsu, zhejiang and anhui provinces. nearly 180,000 mu of natural bamboo sea fluctuates with the mountain situation, like the sea waves rolling, continuous, because it is known as "china's first bamboo sea". the bamboo in the bamboo sea of yixing is mostly native bamboo, also known as nanzhu. the overlapping emerald trees are on the hillside, forming a layer upon layer of emerald waves. spring breeze slowly comes and naturally paints. summer sky, green shadows, autumn rain, early winter snow. thick and light, especially beautiful.
    yixing zhuhai is the most oxygen-rich area in east china, with an average of 100,000 negative oxygen ions per cubic centimeter, 10 to 15 times the negative oxygen ion content in big cities. it is called "the first natural oxygen bar in east china". in addition, the scenic area has newly built the longest cable car ropeway in east china, with a total length of 1500 meters and a drop of 400 meters between the upper and lower platforms. on the way to the top of the mountain by cable car, you can have a panoramic view of the bamboo sea in the air. in case of wind, you can also enjoy the magnificent momentum and stormy waves of the bamboo sea. on the top of the mountain, the sky breeze is blowing, the forest is quiet and strange, and the white birds are contending; on the top of the mountain, the white clouds are often shrouded, together with beautiful stories and legends such as "yunufeng", "maolongchi", "mulian save mother" and so on, which make people feel "suspected to be the residence of tianxian hakka".
    on the morning of march 26, 2011, we took a bus to zhuhai, yixing, for a two-day tour. we visited the bamboo sea over ten thousand hectares and experienced digging bamboo shoots, which was full of wild interest.
  (550 metres on foot, successfully reaching the top of the mountain)

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