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the state administration of food and drug administration promulgates online drug purchase and consumption tips

publisher:maxhealth  date:2014-5-7

in recent years, with the continuous maturity of e-commerce, china's internet drug trade is also developing rapidly. however, while providing convenience for consumers, the network also provides a great space for concealment of false medical information and fake and inferior drugs. illegal elements use the network to disseminate false drug information, illegally sell fake and inferior drugs, disrupt the order of drug market and harm the vital interests of the people. to this end, the state food and drug administration, in conjunction with a number of ministries and commissions, has launched a long-term campaign against illegal drug sales on the internet, while giving the following tips to consumers: present, 184 pharmaceutical retail enterprises are authorized by the pharmaceutical regulatory department to legally sell drugs on the internet. the detailed list can be found in the "data query" section of the official website of the state food and drug administration (

  2.drug advertisements published on some websites claim to be able to cure some difficult and complicated diseases, such as secret prescriptions, high-tech new drugs, cheap imported drugs, magical curative drugs, or use absolute language such as "medicine to cure diseases" and "sure to be good". the websites selling these so-called "panaceas" are likely to be illegal websites. there are also websites that publicize the research and development or production units of the drugs sold with international and worldwide titles. most manufacturers and institutions like this are shell or bag companies. in this regard, consumers are particularly reminded that they must be vigilant when they see such publicity on the internet, and take the initiative to verify the qualifications of drug-selling websites and drug approval numbers, so as to avoid being cheated.

  3.china's online drug sales must have the "internet drug trading service qualification certificate" issued by the food and drug regulatory authorities. where retailing drugs to individual consumers, first of all, it should be an entity drug retail chain enterprise, which meets the requirements of approval management of self-built websites. enterprises that have acquired the qualification to sell drugs on the internet should mark the certificate number on the conspicuous location of their websites for consumers to check. present, online drugstores can sell otc drugs, but can not sell such compound preparations containing ephedrine as "baijiahei" and "xinkangtaike". prescription drugs are prohibited from being sold in online drugstores. sales of other health foods other than pharmaceuticals should comply with relevant regulations, and exaggeration of propaganda should be strictly prohibited. sales are ultimately delivered to the door by people. the state administration of food and drug administration requires that the shipper should be the pharmacy's own distribution team. drugstore employees can deliver goods to their doors and provide face-to-face pharmaceutical care. drugs are special commodities, and there are special requirements for storage and transportation. at present, the management level and conditions of ordinary express companies can not meet the requirements of the quality of drug distribution. the risks of express drugs in transit are difficult to control, and it is difficult to define the responsibility for drug quality problems.

  6.if the public buys fake and inferior medicines on the internet or encounters illegal drug websites, they can report to the local food and drug regulatory authorities complaint reporting center 12331 or call the internet illegal and bad information reporting center 12377. in addition, you can also log on to the website of the reporting center for reporting.

  7.drugs are special commodities. every country has strict regulations on the sale of prescription drugs. they can not be purchased through regular channels without the prescription of local doctors. therefore, the online purchasing channels of prescription drugs such as foreign anti-cancer drugs are very suspicious, and the authenticity and quality of drugs are not guaranteed. regular online pharmacies will not set up such business. according to the experience gained by local drug regulatory departments in investigating and handling cases in the past, about 75% of overseas anti-cancer drugs purchased on behalf of the internet have been proved to be counterfeit drugs, which may cause more harm than harm. therefore, it is totally unreliable and undesirable to purchase overseas drugs on the internet.

tips: consumers can refer to the following steps when purchasing medicines online
  (1)verification and confirmation is the drug-selling website approved by the food and drug regulatory authorities。
  (2)active consultation. online pharmacies are usually equipped with specialized consultant pharmacists, you can consult professional pharmacists online, specify the situation, and obtain advice on drug purchase.
  (3)identify drugs and non-drugs, unfamiliar products recommended by stores, and confirm whether there is a drug approval number.
  (4)don't buy prescription drugs online. prescription drugs must be purchased and used on the basis of doctors'prescriptions. normal consumers or pharmacists do not have the ability and power to judge the illness and prescription medication. even for minor illnesses or long-term medicines, it is often up to the doctor to decide whether to maintain or adjust the original medicines according to the condition of the illness.
  (5)special circumstances require timely medical treatment. for some urgent needs of drugs or uncertain physical discomfort, or more than three days of discomfort, it is recommended that you go to the hospital in time. medical affairs are complex and health is precious. you can't take risks and delay your illness.
  (6)pay attention to drug acceptance. first of all, to see whether the appearance of the drug is damaged or not, consumers must open the package face to face for acceptance. next, see if the name of the product is the drug you ordered, and then see if the product is valid for a period of time. finally, see if the delivery conditions of the drug can guarantee the appropriate temperature in extreme cold or hot weather.

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