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"east ling difu river soviet union joint seminar" was successfully held

publisher:maxhealth  date:2016-9-14

on september 10, 2016, in this vigorous early autumn, along the beautiful shore of taihu lake, mei'an medicine was honored to host the "east ling difu river soviet union joint seminar", which was highly valued and actively cooperated by relevant scientific research institutions, leaders and experts of major hospitals in the province.

       more than 60 doctors, professors and experts from the province participated in the academic exchange. among them, we are honored to invite director zhang jianping of the first people's hospital of wuxi to preside over the conference, and to be followed by professor ke kaifu, professor gao zhiwei and drum tower hospital, affiliated to nanjing medical university, who are experienced and fruitful. director jie gave a wonderful speech. experts brought the latest research results of clinical neurosurgery at home and abroad to this conference. the lectures covered topics such as ischemic stroke, thrombosis mechanisms and defibrillation therapy, case discussions: clinical treatment of sudden deafness, etc. through this rare exchange and dialogue, we had a good understanding of the topic. platform, launched a sincere and pragmatic discussion and question-answering interaction.

       finally, the conference has been successful in a positive and enthusiastic atmosphere.

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