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study on the normal reference value of pepsin in chinese people "yantai initiation conference"

publisher:maxhealth  date:2017-8-25

on august 12, the project "research on the normal reference value of chinese pepsin" led by academician zhong nanshan was successfully held in yantai. the meeting was presided over by academician zhong nanshan. professor rick fang, first affiliated hospital of guangzhou medical university, professor wang qiuping, nanjing general hospital of the people's liberation army, professor qiu zhongmin, tongji hospital of shanghai and other experts, as well as the leaders and representatives of nine national pilot centers, attended the meeting. the meeting briefly discussed the current status of diagnosis of reflux-related respiratory and otolaryngological diseases, and launched a heated discussion on the "research program on normal value of pepsin in china". at the same time, professor alyn h. morice, director of respiratory department, medical college of hull university, uk, was invited to give a special report on the application of peptesttm, a rapid detection tool for reflux disease, in the detection of airway reflux.

peptest product diagram

figure 1: professor morice's special report on the application of peptesttm in airway reflux detection

as we know, gastroesophageal reflux (ger), as a multifactorial disease, has complex clinical manifestations and diverse diagnostic methods, and is well known in the field of digestion. in the field of digestion, although there are gold diagnostic criteria, most of them are invasive methods, which bring a lot of inconvenience to clinic and patients. extraesophageal reflux covers respiratory and otolaryngology departments. pharyngolaryngeal reflux (lpr) is a disease widely recognized by otorhinolaryngologists in recent years. in fact, it is very common in clinical work. at present, there is no gold standard for diagnosis and it is often misdiagnosed. respiratory areas such as asthma and cough syndrome, rhinitis/chronic sinusitis have been proved to be closely related to reflux, and clinical deficiency. effective diagnostic tools.

figure 2: academician zhong nanshan's opening speech

for the first non-invasive diagnostic reflux disease kit in the world, there are thresholds for distinguishing physiological and pathological reflux in clinical practice in europe and america, but they are not suitable for chinese. on the initiative of academician zhong nanshan, jiangsu mei'an pharmaceutical co. (stock code: 836163) started the normal value research project of salivary pepsin concentration in chinese people on the basis of the completion of peptesttm regional clinical comparative trial in china.

figure 3: project leader professor rick fong introduces the project framework and the participation research center

figure 4: professor wang qiuping, deputy project leader, introduced the project research plan.

the pilot program covers nine centers (guangzhou institute of respiratory diseases, nanjing general hospital of nanjing military region, southern hospital of southern medical university, shanghai tongji hospital, shanghai first people's hospital, third hospital of peking university, second affiliated hospital of medical college of zhejiang university, west china hospital of sichuan university and nanjing mingji hospital). screening of healthy subjects, detection of gastric egg enzymes, statistical analysis and evaluation of primary and secondary results of the study were carried out. the whole project lasts about three months.

figure 5: 2017 "study on the normal reference value of pepsin in china" start-up meeting

it is hoped that the normal range of pepsinase in saliva of chinese people can be determined by this observational test, and the proportion of asymptomatic reflux in chinese people can be understood.
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